Why Join Ministry Mate?

Ministry Mate was created with the intention of helping Christian singles that belong to the ministry to meet and connect. Joining Ministry Mate will allow you to meet other singles that love God as much as you do.


People who belong to the ministry generally look for a romantic partner that will support their belief in and devotion to God. For these people, looks are not important. What is important is that they find a partner of substance who has the same visions they do and prays to God the same as they do.


Operating as a mouthpiece of God’s is something a ministry member’s partner must be able to handle on a mental and spiritual level. It is very crucial that both you and your partner are religious equals who share the same beliefs and possess the same strengths.


Oftentimes, Ministry life becomes very time consuming and can side track you from finding your one true love on this earth. Joining Ministry Mate will allow you to have access to the profiles of thousands of people whom, like yourself, belong to the Christian Ministry.


It is better to take the journey that is our life with a beloved spouse than it is to take the journey alone. There is strength in numbers, making two souls coming together a better life plan than one lonely soul struggling to make it through the bumps we all face on the road of life. Having a built in supporter can make hard times easier and easier times more fulfilling. Ministry Mate is the perfect way for you to find that special, spiritual someone that will be able to share the joy with you that God brings to the life of each and every member of the Christian belief system.